Simplify under national money transfers with ease using Vaayu International Forex

Why Choose Vaayu International for Your Money Transfers?

University/College Payments

Simplify educational payments usimg trusted platforms like Flywire, PayMyTuition fees, or WUBS

Student Living Expenses

Ensure hassle-free access to education maintenance funds with our reliable trabsfer services.

GIS/FTS Payments

Streamline your GIC or FTS payments effortlessly through our secure channels.

Family Maintenance/ Gift Remittance

Swiftly send financial support or special gifts to your loved one's across the globe.

Our Unique Features
Instant Transfers

Send finds internationally within minutes, ensuring your support reaches your loved ones promptly

Robust Security Measures

Trust out platforms’ encryption and protection for secure money transfers.

Extensive Agent Network

Access our global network of local agents for a seamless transfer experience.

Tailored Solutions for Your Needs

Our Commitment to offer Personalised support

Customized Guidance

Multiple Transfer Methods

Competitive Rates
Competitive Pricing

We ensure competitive rates while delivering reliable and efficient services.

Transparent Processes

We priorities transparency to empower you in making the best financial choices.

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